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Whatever your needs for windows and doors, Window Medics has the answer.

If you are in need of anything to do with windows and doors in Montreal, you don’t need look any further than Window Medics. Whether it is broken glass, damaged hinges, faulty seals, foggy windows, windows that won’t open, sliding doors that won’t slide, broken locks, or a complete new installation, Window Medics has the answer.



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Window Medics offers Exquisite and Durable Interior, Exterior and Sliding Patio Doors

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It may come as a surprise, but the fact is that all double glazed and triple glazed windows are designed to have a limited life. The average age of windows that our technicians restore is just 12 years. This is owing to the way that double glazed windows are built.

During the daytime the sun heats your windows and the air between the two panes of glass expands. Small amounts of air are forced out (if this did not occur your windows would explode as the air expands, which is why they are designed in this fashion!). In the evening, as the windows cool, the reverse happens and air is drawn back into the window. This process is called solar pumping. The air contains minute amounts of moisture which are absorbed by silica desiccant contained inside the frame. Over the years, the silica desiccant eventually becomes saturated and can hold no more water. There is now nowhere for the moisture to go and it begins to fog up your windows. Sooner or later, this will happen with every double glazed window that has ever been built.

Fortunately, Window Medics has designed a process that is patented, which can restore your windows to new condition and give them a further lease of life to as much as 20 years. This is great news for you and for the environment. For you it means that you will save up to 70% of the cost of having new windows installed. For the environment it means that your windows will not go to landfill. It is a win-win situation.

If you have cracked or broken glass, Window Medics can replace it whether it is single, double, or triple pane. We can supply any type of glass including self-cleaning glass which means that you won’t need window cleaners any more. We can also supply and install replacement glass for your shower or bathtub in a range of designs to complement your bathroom décor.

Sometimes it happens that a window is beyond repair, and if that should be the case Window Medics will design and install completely new windows for you. No matter what type of windows you have, we have a solution and can craft a window of any size up to eight feet by ten. Every window is Energy Star rated and CSA certified. In addition, we give you a lifetime guarantee.

We can also supply exterior doors from our huge range of over 100 different designs; you are bound to find the perfect door for your home.

Whatever your problem with windows and doors Window Medics has the solution. We’ll be delighted to give you a no obligation quote. Just contact us using the Contact link above, or you can call us toll-free on 514-600-6568, or email info@windowmedics.com. You’ll be pleased that you did.